Our Technology

Dr. Vaswani prides herself on her dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of dental technology. Over the last 10 years, advancements in dentistry have vastly improved the diagnostic and treatment services available to patients, and Dr. Vaswani spends considerable time and effort researching the best technology to bring to patients in her practice. The team brings a pioneering spirit in staying at the state of the art of dentistry. In 1989, Dr. Sawyer participated as an advisor to one of the first companies in digital radiography, and was on the leading edge of using phosphor gel screens with digital X-Rays and adopting them into the practice. Digital radiography is also rapidly becoming the preferred standard in dentistry, and offers benefits of decreased exposure to radiation, increased diagnostic value, and no harmful toxic waste which can be harmful to the local community and environment. Traditional X-Rays offered a wide range of benefits when first introduced in dentistry, and now digital radiography offers even further benefits with better protections of the patient's health and the local community. We now offer digital 3D x-rays in addition to panoramic x-rays. We can now image areas that were were unable to see previously in a three dimensional fashion. We are constantly trying to do our best to leave no stone unturned in keeping our patients healthy. -Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 3D imaging capability
-Handheld digital x-ray sensors with minimal radiation -Digital X-rays -iTero intraoral scanner for digital impressions -Intraoral cameras -Digital cameras