Get a Brighter Smile Just in Time for the Holidays with Professional Chairside Whitening

Nov 15, 2022

Get a Brighter Smile Just in Time for the Holidays with Professional Chairside Whitening

A bright smile makes a warm and welcoming impression on everyone. With the holiday season fast approaching, you can boost the brightness with a professional chairside whitening procedure through your regular family dentist.

White teeth are important to many in today’s society. The value of the teeth whitening market exceeds 6 billion dollars worldwide every year. It’s no surprise. People respond well to a bright smile. 

Whether you have a busy social calendar planned for this holiday season or you’re just looking for a personal image boost, it’s the ideal time to schedule a chairside whitening session with us at Los Altos Family Smiles. Professional whitening is safe and very effective. There’s simply no faster way to a whiter smile. 

Two types of teeth stains

You’ve got intrinsic stains when discolorations exist within your tooth enamel. Sometimes a genetic issue, intrinsic staining can also happen because of excess fluoride exposure or the use of certain antibiotics. As you get older and your tooth enamel thins, the yellow dentin layer within your teeth becomes more visible. 

Extrinsic stains happen on the outer surface of your teeth. Exposure to things like coffee, tea, and wine can dull your tooth enamel. Brightly colored berries, while great for your health, can leave behind their natural dyes, adding up to a yellowing smile. Artificial food colorings and smoking also contribute. 

The plethora of whitening products

A quick visit to the dental care aisle of your local pharmacy reveals a wide range of toothpastes, mouth rinses, and kits, each offering its own claims of a whiter smile. While many of these will indeed provide limited improvements to tooth color, consumer-grade products must, by design, be safe to use. 

This means adding protection against misuse for any active ingredients within the product. When you choose a bleach-based whitening kit, for example, that bleach is weak so you don’t run the risk of burning gum tissue or damaging tooth enamel. 

The average consumer may use a whitening kit two or three times a year on themselves. Between the infrequency of treatment and the self-applied nature of the product, there’s a built-in margin of error so that your relative inexperience doesn’t cause damage. 

Professional teeth whitening products used by our trained dental care experts are many times stronger than those on sale in your pharmacy. We may perform multiple whitenings every day, and that experience assures your safety along with the brightest possible smile improvements. 

Whitening partners

Though consumer kits can’t compare with chairside whitening, you may be able to extend the results of your dental office treatment by using complementary whitening sessions at home. No whitening treatment is permanent unless you give up your morning coffee, fresh fruit plates, or nightly glass of wine. 

You can, however, treat fresh exposure to these staining agents as part of your daily oral care routine. Ask us how to care for your brighter smile after your chairside session. 

You can request an appointment online or call the office at 650-948-5355 to book your chairside whitening with Los Altos Family Smiles ahead of this holiday season. Your session takes about an hour and assures you the whitest teeth possible for the biggest impact. Schedule a visit today.