5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

Nov 14, 2023

 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

Cavities aren’t inevitable. Some people are more prone than others, but with forethought and attention to some important details, there are easy ways to reduce your risk of cavities. Stick with these five suggestions, and you’ll have fewer fillings.

While plenty of us know firsthand the sound of a dentist’s drill while preparing for a filling, few look forward to the sound. If only there was an easy way to avoid tooth decay.

As it turns out, there are five easy ways to reduce your risk of cavities. Visit the team at Los Altos Family Smiles to learn about what you can do and what you’re already doing to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay. We can help you determine where your oral care shines and also where you could direct more attention. 

1. Brushing: timing, method, equipment

As a byproduct of eating, it’s natural that your mouth contains scraps of food and drink remaining. It wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the billion bacteria that are already in your mouth, waiting to feast on these scraps. 

It might sound like good news, bacteria taking care of leftover food, except for the fact that the bacterial metabolism leaves behind a sticky biofilm on your teeth. You may know it as plaque, which later hardens into dental tartar. 

Brushing your teeth is an easy way to scrub plaque off your teeth before it turns to tartar, which can only be removed with dental instruments. Brush at least twice a day and especially before bed so bacteria don’t have their way with you overnight. If you need a refresher on proper brushing technique, ask us, and don’t forget to change your brush regularly for best results. 

2. Flossing

Dental floss might be no one’s favorite part of home oral care, but once you start the habit, it’s easy to maintain. The fact is that brushes aren’t great at hitting the spaces between teeth. Floss is the home care solution to eliminate plaque between teeth. 

3. Hydration

Water is the best drink for your body for a wide range of reasons. Reducing the risk of cavities is just one more. Water is preferable to sugary drinks full of caffeine or acidic juices. It’s also a tooth enamel builder if you’re drinking water fortified with fluoride. 

4. Cavity risk levels

Your mouth is, no surprise, unique to you. Some people are more susceptible to cavities than others, and knowing where you sit on this spectrum can help you get the care you need to stay ahead of tooth decay. At Los Altos Family Smiles, we can provide you with a comprehensive exam to help pinpoint the care you need, customized to your personal situation. 

5. Stop smoking

The dangers of smoking and tobacco use are well-known. The impact on your oral health goes beyond yellow-stained teeth. You’re more likely to develop gum disease, which, in turn, makes you more susceptible to cavities as your gums recede, exposing vulnerable tooth surfaces. When you give up tobacco, your battle against cavities becomes easier. 

Call or click to schedule your comprehensive exam and assessment with the dental care professionals at Los Altos Family Smiles. We’re ready to help you with your journey toward a cavity-free life, so book your appointment today.