Legacy of the Practice

Dr. Sawyer is honored to serve you, and promises, "I treat people as I would hope to be treated myself, and treat everyone as if they were member of my own family. Los Altos has a great small town feel, where friends and relationships can be made. Los Altos offers all the convenience of modern life, but it's also a close-knit community. We always strive to find the most fair and practical solution to meet every patient's personal needs."
Dr. Kevin Sawyer has been proud to serve Los Altos for 30 years, and continue a legacy of exceptional care, service, devotion to patients, and striving for the state of the art in dental care. Dr. Sawyer is continuing a tradition that he inherited from Dr. E.C. "Charlie" Watkins, who started the practice in 1952. Dr. Watkins was a pioneer in dentistry and well-respected member of the faculty at the University of California at San Francisco, and Dr. Sawyer personally studied under him. Dr. Sawyer believes in the utmost quality care for his patients. Over the years, the practice has grown and added some fantastic staff members. In 1986, Dr. Sawyer brought on his first full-time hygienists, and now five hygienists are part of the practice, helping to keep the people of Los Altos with bright and clean smiles

Dr. Sawyer and his wife are colloquially known around Los Altos as "Doctor Kevin and Teacher Terri," and they're very active in the local community with their family and children. Above all else, the Sawyer family is devoted to service and making sure you and your loved ones are treated exceptionally well.

The focus of the practice has always been on you, and for 38 years, Dr. Sawyer has been honored to have served the Los Altos community. Now, Dr Sheena Vaswani is excited to be back in her hometown and looks forward to meeting you all and getting to know you and help you with your dental needs.